We facilitate mentoring and development opportunities for emerging artists especially those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to get involved in the Australian arts and performing arts industries. We help emerging culturally diverse background arts practitioners that need expert assistance, by guiding them with strategy development, artistic career planning and play realising onstage.


Noah Zhao Wang. Noah is a director and actor long active in physical theatre area in China and has toured domestically and internationally with his group before.

Noah is committed to innovation and experimental drama, on the way to explore the training methods of physical theatre, theatre drama form with training methods of French Jacques Lecoq and Chinese opera culture and martial arts, to explore a set of suitable for the young actor China long performance training methods physical theatre, launched the “left”, “head”. He has participated in a range of prestige festivals including Festival d’Avignon, Edinburgh Festival and the Wuzhen Theatre Festival. He moved Melbourne and settled down here a year ago.

In the common pursuit of artistic excellence and innovation, Noah joined Cross Encounters’ family. He will present us with the first ever professional physical theatre with Chinese background.


We are constantly offering opportunities to emerging artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and continue to support their careers. If you’re an artist/creator who identifies as culturally diverse and would like to apply a position in our artist residency program or seek for support in your creative process please email: crossencounters01@gmail.com. We’re more than happy to keep in touch with you.