As a charitable arts company, our purpose is to advance culture by:

  • Producing cross-cultural performing arts works that investigate the possibilities of innovation, deep collaboration and exchange between culturally diverse artists, as well as creating Australian-Asian theatrical experiences that blends together different theatre forms, stories and technologies.
  • Undertaking workshops, seminars and other forms of programs on intercultural development of the performing art academy and industry in Asia and Australia, as well as facilitating mutual conversation, partnerships and networking using multiple theatre forms across different cultures and continents.
  • Providing a platform for academic communication and industry professionals to exchange discourse, helping build connections between academic institutions, industry organisations, individual artists and arts practitioners to engage in intercultural artistic collaborative projects, discussions, investigations and events.
  • Supporting emerging artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to get involved in the Australian performing arts industry through providing opportunities in cross-cultural theatrical productions as well as mentorship and development opportunities.
  • Providing and facilitating mentoring and development opportunities for artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in the Australian arts and performing arts industries.
  • Providing information, advisory and consultation services to the individuals, societies, associations and corporations in relation to the matters connected with the cross-cultural performing arts industry.
  • Fostering public awareness of and interest in the development of cross-cultural artistic, performing arts and theatrical works and conducting related activities.
  • Promoting and facilitating the connection of culturally diverse artistic, cultural, educational and government organisations to deliver cross-cultural artistic, performing arts and theatrical activities.