If you’re looking for an arts group to provide Asian-Australian cross cultural performing arts activities or show organisation or advisory services, such as: 

Intercultural theatre showcases, presentations combined with music performance;

Live singing and dancing performances, cultural festival show program presentations, MC services; 

Artist connection services, cross-cultural performing arts industrial expert advices

we welcome you to approach us and we’re happy to discuss details with you. We are flexible in scale, set, props and show time range, and we can customise a show for a particular theme and topic so it can be flexibly adapted to suit different venues. Please refer to our services pages in category: Productions, Forums, Performances, Education, Connections and Facilitations to see our showcases in different areas.

We are pleased to connect with more people of all kinds and bring more Asian elements to the local arts industry, and to boost cross-cultural performing arts developments. Whether you’re from a NFP association/group, public welfare, corporate/commercial business or entertainment club, business or private event convener seeking to hire live performance artists or a show organiser/event coordinator, we can accommodate you and appreciate opportunities to collaborate. If it’s for a charity purpose, we’re happy to help out and participate as needed. If it’s for general purposes, our terms are very reasonable.

For enquiries please contact: 

Email: crossencounters01@gmail. com

Phone: 0390598186