Our services:

·   Productions · We produce cross-cultural performing arts works that investigate the possibilities of innovation, deep collaboration and exchange between culturally diverse artists, as well as creating innovative intercultural theatrical experiences blending together different theatre forms, stories and technologies.

Cross Encounters is a professional performing arts show/event presenter and organiser and we take opportunities to participate in different kinds of cultural festivals and corporate events. We are the first independent non-profit performing arts organisation in Melbourne that has a particular focus on the exchange and communication between Australian and Chinese theatre, and the first arts organisation in Australia which produces Chinese-Australian cross-cultural physical theatre works.

Our artistic style of innovative contemporary intercultural physical theatre with the use of cross-cultural music collaborations, is unique in this way and we’re the first and only creatives among all the performing arts groups in Australia: Our previous projects address Asian-Australian contemporary physical theatre practice and the collaborations between Chinese and Western classic music elements. We’ve done the first ever physical theatre piece combining Chinese and Australian performers under a Chinese director, and a first time ever Guitar/Guzheng musical collaboration in intercultural physical theatre, among others. 

Our productions and showcases have attracted large audiences to the past several performances with an average of more than100 for each of the last shows. The performances were considered as one of the most popular shows at relevant arts festivals such Melbourne Fringe Hub and La Mama’s War-rak/Banksia Festival, and our distinct cross-cultural theatre and music performances have been acclaimed from a list of honoured VIP guests from government representatives, as well as a large number of general audience, festival visitors, media and public, all of which demonstrate our achievements. 

Whether it’s a business/association, public or commercial event, or private party/gathering entertainment event, we welcome and value all performance opportunities and can create customized showcase events depending on your requirements and circumstances, providing guests and audiences with an energising, sensory experience.

·   Forums·    We undertake and participate in workshops, seminars and other forms of programs on intercultural development of the performing art area in Asia and Australia, and we are promoting mutual conversation, partnerships and networking.

We have a resonating and growing connection with a group of artists who express both Asia and Australian identities. We are actively present in the industry with the purpose of delivering unique cross-cultural performing art programmes, events, tours, linkages and projects. We’ve been attending local and national industry conferences, webinars and public forums since 2020. Our role encompasses cross-cultural performing arts expertise, as guest speakers, organisers and/or participants. 

Some of our highlights: 2020 Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready program,  City of Melbourne Unlock Melbourne’s Multicultural Communities Webinar 2021, Adelaide Fringe Festival Honey Pot Program2021, Melbounre Fringe and Footscray Community Arts Centre Supporting Chinese Language Artists Session 2021, VICTORIAN MULTICULTURAL GALA DINNER NIGHT 2022, The Arts Collective Chinese Museum Program Launch 2022

·Performances·      We specialise in organising cross-cultural artistic, live performance and theatrical activities, growing the connection between culturally diverse artistic, cultural, educational and government organisations and delivering intercultural artistic, performing arts and theatrical activities.

We have a group of artists and insiders who express both Asian and Australian identities including actors, singers, dancers, musicians, directors, event coordinators and arts managers. We are active in local arts and cultural events, festivals, and tours as performers, or as show, program presenters or organisers. 

Some of our past highlight events include: Orion 2022 Whitehorse Dragon Boat Festival(live performances show organisation, and the opening performance of cross-cultural theatre and music performance, as well providing MC service), and the ABAW 20th Anniversary Changeover & Fundraising Gala Dinner(show organisation and MC service).

·  Education·       We help to provide a platform for academic communication and industry professionals to exchange discourse, helping build connections between academic institutions, industry organisations, individual artists and arts practitioners to engage in intercultural artistic collaborative projects, discussions, investigations and events.

We work as a platform promoting connection between artistic, cultural, educational, and government organisations from different cultural backgrounds. We  have successful contacts and relationships with a list of external established arts and cultural organisations and educational groups from both Australian and Asian cultural backgrounds, beginning with those from Chinese cultural background.

Some of our existing partners and connections including:  Australian Youth Art Academy, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Arts Academy

· Connections·     We deliver information, practical, advisory and consultation services to individuals, societies, associations and corporations in relation to matters connected with the cross-cultural performing arts industry. During the process, we help build up two way connection between Asian and Australian Performing Artists and a variety of stage and screen production companies and groups.

Our productions, programs and services form a unique window for cultural and artistic exchange, showcasing creative relations to both Australian and Asian industry professionals and audiences. By specifically using physical theatre and music to overcome language issues and culture barriers, we make this readily acceptable to different communities. An especially important new audience group of our activities will be cross-cultural related communities.

With a growing reputation in the live performance sector, we’re being recognised as an emerging leading brand in creating innovative cross-cultural arts productions, and organising and delivering cross-cultural artistic, live performance and theatrical activities. In the arts industry, we are well ahead in such areas compared to other groups. Some of our customers including: Asian Business Association of Whitehorse, MELBOURNE CLASSIC CLUB, Doctor Q Escape Room

·Facilitations·  We promote and facilitate the connection between Australian and Asian artistic and cultural individuals, groups, organisations and corporations to deliver cross-cultural artistic, performing arts and theatrical activities.

As an representative from local cross-cultural performing arts groups, we have also built up successful initial contacts with relevant national and international organisations such as Australian Centre of Chinese Culture and Arts, Beijing 707N Theatre and Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre, and we will keep building up these connections so as to promote Australian arts practitioners and to foster intercultural performing arts collaborations on an international stage. 

By doing so, we also serve as a cultural bridge between Australia and other countries through the arts, and we inspire artists and audiences to embrace and experience a rich, diverse, multicultural Australia.

Hire us:

If you’re looking for an arts group to provide Asian-Australian cross cultural performing arts activities or show organisation or advisory services, such as: 

intercultural theatre showcases, presentations combined with music performance;

live singing and dancing performances, cultural festival show program presentations, MC services; 

Artist connection services, cross-cultural performing arts industrial expert advices

we welcome you to approach us and we’re happy to discuss details with you. We are flexible in scale, set, props and show time range, and we can customise a show for a particular theme and topic so it can be flexibly adapted to suit different venues.

We are pleased to connect with more people of all kinds and bring more Asian elements to the local arts industry, and to boost cross-cultural performing arts developments. Whether you’re from a NFP association/group, public welfare, corporate/commercial business or entertainment club, business or private event convener seeking to hire live performance artists or a show organiser/event coordinator, we can accommodate you and appreciate opportunities to collaborate. If it’s for a charity purpose, we’re happy to help out and participate as needed. If it’s for commercial purposes, our terms are very reasonable.

For enquiries please contact: 

Email: crossencounters01@gmail. com

Phone: 0390598186