With the growing recognition in the industry, our company has been recognised as an emerging leading brand in creating ground breaking cross-cultural arts productions. Our work has gained credit for its unique intercultural benefits. So far our awards include:

●The recipient of Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence in Arts 2021

Achievements in promoting, supporting and preserving cultural expression through the arts, as well as building social cohesion and the fostering of intercultural understanding by creating opportunities for collaboration and performance. – Cross Encounters

●2021 Nominated for Melbourne Asia Game Changer Awards

Achievements in making a positive difference to Australia’s relationship with Asia – Olivia Wang

●2021 Nominated for Creative Partnerships Awards

Arts Leadership Award – Olivia Wang

●2021 Nominated for Art Music Awards  APRA AMCOS | AMC

Work of the Year: Dramatic – John O’beirne – Melancholy Fisherwoman – A Stone’s Throw

●2020 Nominated for Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence in the Arts

Achievements in developing and implementing arts programs that aim to improve intercultural understanding and social cohesion through participation and performance – Cross Encounters