· Connections·     We deliver information, practical, advisory and consultation services to individuals, societies, associations and corporations in relation to matters connected with the cross-cultural performing arts industry. During the process, we help build up two way connection between Asian and Australian Performing Artists and a variety of stage and screen production companies and groups.

Our productions, programs and services form a unique window for cultural and artistic exchange, showcasing creative relations to both Australian and Asian industry professionals and audiences. By specifically using physical theatre and music to overcome language issues and culture barriers, we make this readily acceptable to different communities. An especially important new audience group of our activities will be cross-cultural related communities.

With a growing reputation in the live performance sector, we’re being recognised as an emerging leading brand in creating innovative cross-cultural arts productions, and organising and delivering cross-cultural artistic, live performance and theatrical activities. In the arts industry, we are well ahead in such areas compared to other groups. Some of our customers including: Asian Business Association of Whitehorse, MELBOURNE CLASSIC CLUB, Doctor Q Escape Room