We provide intercultural theatrical presentation and communication for theatre lovers by introducing guest artists and organising regular relevant activities, facilitating a fresh dialogue between industrial insiders and wider communities. 

Current program: Musical Dumplings Feast(MDF)

🎼 Supported by the City of Yarra, the Musical Dumplings Feast is a unique afternoon celebration with the theme, “If music is the food of Love, play on!” 🎵✨ As we bid farewell to the last day of Chinese New Year, our goal is to bring people together from diverse cultural backgrounds.

🌍 This community and public event will be FREE for everyone to attend, featuring live performances and delightful snacks. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of a picnic while enjoying the magic of live music. Stay tuned for more exciting activities to be announced soon!

🌐 Event Details:
Date: February 24
Time: 2 pm-5pm
Location: Smith Reserve, Fitzroy 3065
Event Type: In-person + Live Streaming

Recent program:Asian Australian Drama Music Festival(AADMF)

Supported by the Victoria State Government, Asian Australian Drama Music Festival is an one-off day event with an innovative feature of the first ever Chinese Australian intercultural physical theatre piece showcase that is combined with rap singing and dancing. This event will be free to the community and public, with several performances and snacks and drinks provided.

Photo credit: Jenny Zhu

Opening show Christmas Romance -This entertaining musical journey unravels a young lady’s fantasy on Christmas Eve, with the innovative feature of being the first ever Chinese Australian intercultural physical theatre piece that combines rap singing and dancing. This show is the debut of a series of Cross Encounters’ innovative cross-cultural drama show events. As a pioneer in Asian-Australian contemporary physical theatre, Cross Encounters stands out as the first and only creative force of its kind in Australia, promising a distinctive cross-cultural experience on Christmas Eve combining music, dance, and singing.

Asian Australian Drama Music Festival includes traditional and contemporary music, singing and dance, as well as unexpected surprise shows. The group is using multiple theatre forms across different cultures and continents to provide the audience with energising, sensory experience. Whether you’re a fan of music, rap, drama or dance, you’re all welcome to this festival and enjoy the atmosphere, have fun at that night.

Asian Australian Drama Music Festival (AADMF):
The festival encompasses both traditional and contemporary music, singing, dance, and unexpected surprise shows. Utilizing multiple theatre forms across different cultures and continents, AADMF offers an energizing, sensory experience for diverse audiences. Whether you’re a fan of music, rap, drama or dance, you’re all welcome to this festival and enjoy the atmosphere, and have fun at that night.

Company Biography: Cross Encounters is a NFP performing arts company dedicated to creating innovative cross-cultural performing arts productions. It is Melbourne’s first and only fully accredited Chinese-Australian performing arts organisation. The team creates contemporary innovative intercultural theatre, stage and screen works, by using multiple art forms across different cultures. Besides being a professional performing arts show producer and performer, the group is also an active event presenter and organiser in Asian-Australian theatrical and live performance field. Their distinctive artworks have been acclaimed as exciting examples of independent theatre making, earning several awards and accolades for its unique artistic genre and exploration . It has also served to foster intercultural understanding by creating opportunities for collaboration and performance, as well as cultural expression. Their performances and stories have attracted wide media attention, with a standout four reports by SBS.

Asian Australian Drama Music Festival(AADMF)

DATE: 24 Dec enter from 5:30pm, Welcome Speech 6:30pm, Opening show 7pm-7:30pm

VENUE: CLAW Art Gallery Fitzroy,3065

Event type: in person+live streaming

Tickets:Free event

FOR MEDIA ENQUIRIES please contact our media coordinator at crossencountersmp@gmail.com

Past projects:

Audience Meet and Greet

Dear all,

Happy Dragon Boat Festival and we hope you are enjoying this lovely autumn in Melbourne. We are thrilled to invite you a special Audience Meet and Greet event at June 24th, 7 pm to 9pm, Curago,1/50 York Street, South Melbourne https://fb.me/e/NDHJOraQ

Join us for an unforgettable evening of cross-cultural performances, engaging conversations, and delectable delights. Together, we can foster cultural exchange, celebrate diversity, and create a more vibrant and inclusive society. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to welcoming you on June 24th. But please arrive in time so you won’t miss out😊.

Warmest regards,
Cross Encounter Group

Melbourne’s First Physical Theatre Open Social Forum (PTOSF)

As a local multicultural performing arts organisation representative, we are thrilled to join Victoria’s largest multicultural celebration and present this event during the 2023 Cultural Diversity Week. We’ll continue to build social cohesion and foster intercultural understanding by creating opportunities for collaboration and performance, as well as contribute to public welfare and bring this project to as many people as possible.


Our public programs have been recognised by artists and audience as a window that is needed to help fostering conversations and exchanges across different cultures. We are advocating and providing a platform and helping build connections for insiders and wider communities to engage in cross-cultural artistic collaborative projects, discussions, investigations and events.

We’re inviting more artists to join the journey of theme exploration and presentation. If you’re a artist who’s willing to share your understandings and experiences in performing art and would like to have conversations with insiders from different cultural background, alternately if you would like to get more exposure and be known by wider audiences through our platforms, please email: crossencounters01@gmail.com. We’ll get back to you with more detailed information.

We foster public awareness of and interest in cross-cultural performing art development and conducting related activities such as workshops, online seminars and interactions between and industrial insiders and audiences. Please keep an eye on our Website and Facebook page:www.facebook.com/Cross-Encounters-101987318157330  for updates. 

By organising workshops and solid content materials, we offer our audience chances to have Interesting interaction with the insiders from different cultural backgrounds, to absorb the information from different angles. We are thrilled to invite you to celebrate all the unexpected cross-cultural encounters and enjoy all the moments of playfulness.