We provide intercultural theatrical presentation and communication for theatre lovers by introducing guest artists and organising regular relevant activities, facilitating a fresh dialogue between industrial insiders and wider communities. 


Past workshops:


Cultural-exchange themed presentations

Currently we’re planning highly engaged cultural-exchange themed presentations in partnership with a range of performing arts groups, to co-create a series of communicational seminars, discussions, and meet ups. The project is addressing Asian-Australian contemporary theatre practice, especially exploring provoking themes that how same type of insiders from different cultural backgrounds could deep interact, exchange and consequently make new sparkles and contributions on the performing arts industry.

Our public programs have been recognised by artists and audience as a window that is needed to help fostering conversations and exchanges across different cultures. We are advocating and providing a platform and helping build connections for insiders and wider communities to engage in cross-cultural artistic collaborative projects, discussions, investigations and events.


We’re inviting more artists to join the journey of theme exploration and presentation. If you’re a artist who’s willing to share your understandings and experiences in performing art and would like to have conversations with insiders from different cultural background, alternately if you would like to get more exposure and be known by wider audiences through our platforms, please email: crossencounters01@gmail.com. We’ll get back to you with more detailed information.

We foster public awareness of and interest in cross-cultural performing art development and conducting related activities such as workshops, online seminars and interactions between and industrial insiders and audiences. Please keep an eye on our Website and Facebook page:www.facebook.com/Cross-Encounters-101987318157330  for updates. 

By organising workshops and solid content materials, we offer our audience chances to have Interesting interaction with the insiders from different cultural backgrounds, to absorb the information from different angles. We are thrilled to invite you to celebrate all the unexpected cross-cultural encounters and enjoy all the moments of playfulness.