·Performances·      We specialise in organising cross-cultural artistic, live performance and theatrical activities, growing the connection between culturally diverse artistic, cultural, educational and government organisations and delivering intercultural artistic, performing arts and theatrical activities.

We have a group of artists and insiders who express both Asian and Australian identities including actors, singers, dancers, musicians, directors, MC/event hosts, event coordinators and arts managers. We are active in local arts and cultural events, festivals, and tours as performers/MCs, or as show, program presenters or organisers. 

Some of our past highlight events include: Orion 2022 Whitehorse Dragon Boat Festival(live performances show organisation, and the opening performance of cross-cultural theatre and music performance, as well providing MC service), and the ABAW 20th Anniversary Changeover & Fundraising Gala Dinner(show organisation and MC service).

Recent activities at a glance:

Melbourne China Town Mid-Autumn festival singing performance

Singing and dance performance at Melbourne China Town Mid-Autumn Festival
– Lead artist Olivia Wang

Home Tale debut performance at Collective Polyphony Festival x Chinese Museum Arts Collective guest artist

Join us for an unforgettable afternoon on September 9th at 1:30 PM as we make our debut performance at Testing Grounds, thanks to the invitation from Collective Polyphony Festival and Chinese Museum Arts Collective! 🎭🎶Get ready to be captivated by “Home Tale,” a groundbreaking improvised musical storytelling event, brought to life by the incredible talents of local musician John, Chinese performer Liv, and award-winning waacker Nigel! 💃🕺Mark your calendars and be part of this cultural fusion experience that promises to leave you awestruck. See you 1:30pm, testing grounds! 📆✨About us: Cross Encounters is Melbourne’s first and only fully accredited Chinese-Australian performing arts group, known for pushing boundaries in cross-cultural performances. With a track record of delivering innovative programs between Australia, China, and wider Asia, we’re recognized as pioneers in intercultural arts. We curate live singing, dance, instrumental performances, and bilingual MC services for diverse events and festivals. 🌏🎤🌟Catch us at the Collective Polyphony Festival, Chinese Museum Arts Collective, and Testing Grounds!

photo by Kai Huang#CrossEncounters#InnovativeArts#CulturalFusion#LivePerformance#MarkYourCalendars

Masonic Residence Monash community welcoming performance

Embarking on a Multicultural Masterpiece! 🌟Last month, we were being invited and graced the Masonic Residence stage with electrifying energy! 🎭✨ Our uni stars dazzled, dancing and singing in perfect sync, weaving a vibrant tapestry of intercultural artistry.🎶 Singer Stacey’s voice? Spellbinding. 🎸 Musician John’s melodies? Enchanting. Together, they cast a spell that held us captive, lost in a world where music knows no borders.🌍 We’re not just performers; we’re culture champions! 🌍 Our artistic alchemy fosters cross-cultural connections, igniting a global dialogue through our captivating performances.🎉 But the saga continues! 🎉 Join us as we unite with schools and institutions, celebrating festivals and igniting joy. The beat of diversity pulses in our veins, painting a future of unforgettable encounters.📣 Immerse yourself in inspiration:Follow us on:📘 Facebook: @crossencountersau📸 Instagram: @crossencountersau🐦 Twitter: @EncountersCross🎵 TikTok: @crossencounters🇨🇳 Weibo: @X戏界❤️ Xiaohongshu: @X戏界Stay tuned for our next cultural crescendo, where the stage is a canvas and the world, our audience! 🌏🎭#CrossCulturalMagic#ArtisticHarmony#UnveilingUnity#MelbourneGroove

A multicultural feast, celebrating Dragon Boat Festival and Bangladeshi New Year together!

In June this year, we were invited to participate in the festivities of the Dragon Boat Festival and Bangladeshi New Year. We shared melodious instrumental melodies and graceful performances with the enthusiastic crowd of Wyndham City. We were also fortunate to engage in conversations with numerous outstanding artists and charming beauty queens, making the cultural gala an unforgettable experience.

We extend our gratitude for your support and vow to persistently create more refined cross-cultural artworks, sowing new seeds for Sino-Australian theatrical and cultural exchange. We eagerly welcome collaboration from various sectors to join us in celebrating the vibrant amalgamation of Asian and Australian cultures.

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Let’s create beautiful moments together, showcasing unique charm! 🎶🎨🌟

2023 Whitehorse Lunar New Year Festival press conference MC, with more than 100 media and representatives from all walks of life on site, controlling the whole process 

Olivia Wang-MC with the Premier Daniel Andrews and other VIPs_1

2022 Bamboo Environment Art Week Dinner Party special guest performer

Olivia Wang and John O’beirne on stage

2022Bank of Queensland Box Hill Owner-Manager Branch soft opening ceremony MC, bilingual in Chinese and English – MC Olivia Wang

AFF Asian Fun Festival 2022 Finale Show Moon Worship Special Actors, stills on the special cover of Xinhua News Agency

Whitehorse City Dragon Boat Festival 2022 MC/opening performance/solo singing and dancing performances, performed on the Governor and VIP guest delegations from all walks of life, with more than 300 spectators at the scene, and received high praise

Singing performance at 2022 Whitehorse Dragon Boat Festival – Singer Olivia Wang