We perform as a platform and promote approaches that can connect artistic, cultural, educational, and government organisations from different cultural backgrounds to deliver unique cross-cultural performing art programmes, events, tours, linkages and propositions.

We also collaborate with such organisations to produce and promote workshops, seminars, lectures, discussion, programs and other forms of education and research in connection with:

o          intercultural artistic, performing arts and theatrical activities; and 

o          the development of the arts and performing arts industries.

Collaborative arts projects

Currently we’re in the stages of collaborative programs with several arts and cultural organisations, where we plan to place arts projects into the school curriculum and education training, and to participate in Asia Topa, and the Australian Performing Arts Market, to benefit Victoria’s creative arts industry. 

Intercultural Physical Theatre Project with Australian Art Youth Academy

The Arts Collective Chinese Museum Program Launch


Online performance events

Currently we’re planning to create a series of one-off online performance events, collaborating with several individual performing artists with both local and Asian cultural backgrounds. The theme for this project is Meaningful, Clashing and Massive Untapped Potential.


We’re facilitating a highly engaged cultural-exchange themed project in partnership with institutions and other arts organisations, to co-create a series of communicational seminars, discussions, and meet ups at this stage. The project is addressing Asian-Australian contemporary theatre practice, especially exploring provokingthemes that how same type of insiders from different cultural backgrounds could deep interact, exchange and consequently make new sparkles and contributions on the performing arts industry. We’re looking for partners from artistic, cultural, educational, and government organisations from different cultural backgrounds to join this meaningful and amazing journey. If your organisationis in performing arts industry and interested in getting involved in cross-cultural exchange projects please email: crossencounters01@gmail.com We’ll get back to you with more detailed information.