Hello everyone! We have just concluded a successful physical theatre friendship event on March 18th. It was the first-ever physical theatre social experience project PTOSF in Melbourne. Through music and physical movements, we spent a pleasant afternoon playing together.

We would like to express our gratitude for the enthusiastic participation and support from Michael Whitmore, our guest artist.

We were delighted to see all the participants fully immersed in the activities, actively engaging and building connections with new friends. Through this event, everyone better understood themselves and others while improving their communication skills.

This event was not just a simple friendship activity but also a meaningful experience. We hope that every participant can cherish the wonderful memories of this event, continue to stay in touch with new friends, and build more beautiful friendships in the future. 

Many thanks to SBS for supporting and covering our event and organization. We can’t wait to meet with everyone again at our next gathering!


Looking for a unique social experience that combines physical theatre and socialisation?🤔

Join Cross Encounters and be a part of the first-ever physical theatre social experience project PTOSF in Melbourne! 

We are the first independent non-profit performing arts organisation in Melbourne that has a particular focus on the exchange and communication between Chinese and Australian theatre and the first arts organisation in Australia which produces Chinese-Australian cross-cultural physical theatre works, leading a new trend of theatre socialisation and providing valuable experiences and opportunities for audience and public.

Our PTOSF project is designed to integrate theatre elements into interactive activities and games to provide a fun experience. Participation would not only allow you to relax, enjoy the thrill of physical interactions and develop your theatre skills, but also meet new friends and expand your social circle naturally during the process.

As a local multicultural performing arts organisation representative, we are thrilled to join Victoria’s largest multicultural celebration and present this event during the 2023 Cultural Diversity Week. We’ll continue to build social cohesion and foster intercultural understanding by creating opportunities for collaboration and performance, as well as contribute to public welfare and bring this project to as many people as possible.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join us at Cross Encounters and explore the exciting world of physical theatre and socialisation. Sign up for the PTOSF project today! 

🎫Ticket Price: Free

Registration: Please email crossencounters03@gmail.com with your name and contact details to secure a position.

⏰Time: 18th March, 2-4PM

📍Location: 120 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy

🔗FB Event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/594411082540180/

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