🎼 Supported by the City of Yarra, the Musical Dumplings Feast is a unique afternoon celebration with the theme, “If music is the food of Love, play on!” 🎵✨ As we bid farewell to the last day of Chinese New Year, our goal is to bring people together from diverse cultural backgrounds.

🌍 This community and public event will be FREE for everyone to attend, featuring live performances and delightful snacks. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of a picnic while enjoying the magic of live music. Stay tuned for more exciting activities to be announced soon!

🎭 About Us:
Cross Encounters is a non-profit performing arts company dedicated to crafting innovative cross-cultural performances. As Melbourne’s first and only fully accredited Chinese-Australian performing arts organization, we take pride in our diverse members with backgrounds from Melbourne, RMIT, and Monash University.

🏆 Our distinctive artworks have luckily garnered acclaim as exciting examples of independent theater-making, earning us several awards and accolades for our unique artistic genre and exploration. Besides our shows, we are passionate about supporting emerging artists, especially those from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Let’s come together to celebrate the harmony of music, culture, and community at the Musical Dumplings Feast! 🥟🎶

Headling show Spring Romance is a unique musical journey unravels a young lady’s unexpected encounters on Chinese New Year, with a special design of innovative Guzheng music accompany, the performance incorporates physical theatre, movement and dance. This show is the second of a series of Cross Encounters’ themed innovative cross-cultural drama shows. It‘s from a growing list of performances, from this pioneering theatre group. With a particular focus on art that addresses Asian-Australian contemporary physical theatre, Cross Encounters stands out as the first and only creative force of its kind in Australia.

Lead artist Olivia Wang has participated in various aspects of the performing arts, spanning stage, screen and music. She began as the first actor to perform Chinese-Australian cross-cultural physical theatre on stage, taking on lead roles in several productions. She made a successful debut of the themed innovative cross-cultural drama show series at Asian Australian Drama Music Festival in 2023.

🌐 Event Details:
Date: February 24
Time: 2 pm onwards
Location: Smith Reserve, Fitzroy 3065
Event Type: In-person + Live Streaming
Event fb page: https://www.facebook.com/events/731906765787687