Who are we

Cross Encounters is a professional award winning performing arts show producer, performer, event presenter and organiser and we are the first independent non-profit performing arts organisation in Melbourne that has a particular focus on the exchange and communication between Australian and Chinese theatre.

Cross Encounters is a performing arts company dedicated to creating innovative intercultural theatrical and artistic productions. We combine the best of the Australian and Asian performing arts sectors, to lead and foster mutual conversations, partnerships, as well as networking and exchange opportunities between artists and audiences. Our groundbreaking artworks strengthen diversity and bonds between different cultures, promote intercultural performing arts in Australia, expand Australia’s cultural links with Asia and foster a vibrant, globalised arts industry.

Cross Encounters is Melbourne’s first and currently only fully accredited Chinese-Australian performing arts organisation.

What We Offer

We offer cross-cultural theatre works, and live singing and dance performances, instrumental music, event host as well as show organisation services. 

Are you an Australian festival, council, celebration, business, community, school, university or library looking for a cross cultural artistic event or workshop? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Cross Encounters offers:

1)    Theatre-based workshops, seminars and activities that foster intercultural development in the performing arts and industry in Asia and Australia

2)    Live performances that showcase Australia’s culturally diverse artistic sector

3)    Advisory and consultation services to individuals, societies, associations and corporations about the cross-cultural performing arts industry in Australia and China.

4)    Corporate/individual theme song/theme show/stage play/MV customisations that create unique performance experience with a variety of media platforms display opportunities.

Please contact us at crossencounters01@gmail.com/0390598186 for more information on the charge and to detail the specifics for your event demands.