Who We Are

Cross Encounters is a new NFP performing arts company and a charity that is dedicated to creating innovative intercultural theatrical and artistic productions. The activities are implemented by a small but passionate group under the guidance of the board of directors, which is a mixture of professionals from inside and outside the performing arts.

The majority of the group members have Melbourne University and theatre background, we’re excited to see what’ll come out the creation process.

What we do

  • Producing cross-cultural performing arts works that investigate the possibilities of innovation, deep collaboration and exchange between culturally diverse artists, as well as creating Australian-Asian theatrical experiences that blends together different theatre forms, stories and technologies.
  • Undertaking workshops, seminars and other forms of programs on intercultural development of the performing art academy and industry in Asia and Australia, as well as facilitating mutual conversation, partnerships and networking using multiple theatre forms across different cultures and continents.
  • Providing a platform for academic communication and industry professionals to exchange discourse, helping build connections between academic institutions, industry organisations, individual artists and arts practitioners to engage in intercultural artistic collaborative projects, discussions, investigations and events.
  • Supporting emerging artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to get involved in the Australian performing arts industry through providing opportunities in cross-cultural theatrical productions as well as mentorship and development opportunities.

Current Staff

Company Manager: Olivia Wang
Resident director: Noah Zhao Wang
Stage manager&production design: Zena Wang
Marketing&Communications Coordinator: Tia Han
Fundrasier: William White
Designer&Technical Support: Genevieve Byrne


2021 Nominated for Art Music Awards  APRA AMCOS | AMC

Work of the Year: Dramatic – John O’beirne – Melancholy Fisherwoman A Stone’s Throw

2020 Nominated for Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence in the Arts

Achievements in developing and implementing arts programs that aim to improve intercultural understanding and social cohesion through participation and performance – Cross Encounters