Dear all, 

Hope you and your loved ones are doing well. 

Thank you very much for attending our online workshop last month, especially our guest artist Anny! It’s so fascinating to see how you and Noah interact with each other and share knowledge about physical theatre from different perspectives! We’ll continue organising online workshops and facilitating a fresh dialogue between industrial insiders and wider communities in the future. Please keep an eye on our web, FB, ins or twitter page, we are thrilled to invite you to enjoy the cross encounters journey and celebrate our playful cultural experiences!

Best regards,

Cross Encounters Group


Following positive feedback from the audience, Cross Encounters is continuing to hold a series of delightful and instructional free online workshops this month! As part of our public program 2020, we provide cross-cultural theatrical presentation and communication for theatre lovers by introducing guest artists and organising regular relevant activities. We are thrilled to invite you to enjoy cross encounters journey and celebrate our playful cultural experiences!

In this workshop, professional physical theatre makers Ann-Marie Biagioni (current artist director in Floor Work) and Noah Wang (current residential artist with Cross Encounters)  will be sharing their experiences about physical theatre, what do they find amazing about physical expressions on stage, and what kind of themes have they touched on and how do audience respond to that, and what skills are needed for physical Theatre? In addition, there will be an interesting discussion between them comparing different understandings and practices with this performance genre in different cultural contexts.

The second half of the discussion will be open for audience Q&A. Whether you are totally new to theatre acting and want to learn some movement tips or a insider who wants to discuss about how we as theatre makers present physical theatre to the audience, you are all welcome to share your questions, reflections, and concerns. It’ll be a fresh dialogue between theatre insiders and the wider community. Come and join us,  express yourself, and have a fun night! 

About Anny:

Anny is a physical theatre maker from Perth, W.A. Having completed her undergrad in Contemporary Performance and Theatre Studies (with Honours in Performance Making / Collaborative Theatre Making), Anny is currently following her second passion for Psychology and Gender Studies here at the University of Melbourne. Immersing herself in the rich theatre community at UniMelb has already brought Anny so much joy, and becoming a founding member of Floor Work has been the cherry on top of these experiences! . 

About Noah:

Noah Zhao Wang is a director long active in physical theatre area in China and has toured domestically and internationally with his group before. His most recent award winning piece, QIANG YU and the later developed larger scale work SHEN YU, were presented at the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival 2017 and 2018 respectively. Noah is committed to innovation and experimental drama, on the way to explore the training methods of physical theatre, theatre drama form with training methods of French Jacques Lecoq and Chinese opera culture and martial arts.

The event will be held on Zoom and please check our facebook event page: further invitation links and password code.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom next Monday (27th July) 7:30pm!