Cross Encounters has been receiving support from a variety of government and industry bodies, company and individual donors, as well as a group of artists and volunteers. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the them, and we hope to continue build up relationships with existing and wider funders, partners, supporters and donors. . 

Thank you to all our funders, partners, supporters and donors

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Cross Encounters is a registered Cultural Organisation with Australian Government Office for the Arts. We’re a registered charity with Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) with the purpose of Advancing culture. We’re also a member of Theatre Network Australia (TNA), the leading development organisation for the performing arts. Our shows have been nominated for Art Music Awards for Dramatic work, together with others.

The Company may is granted endorsement as a Deductible Gift Recipient, we’ve established a Public Fund for the specific purpose of supporting the objects of the Company. The Public Fund is established to receive all gifts of money or property for this purpose and any money received because of such gifts must be credited to its bank account.

The public will be invited to contribute to the Public Fund.

Please john us and support us by making a tax-deductible donation to CrossEncounters Public Fund here, please click here to see the bank details.

Any donation will be appreciated and if you donate over $2, please contact us at to get a tax deductible receipt.

Cross-cultural themed projects in performing arts industry is lacking in presence, in urgent  need and worth exploring, and this is exactly what we’re passionate about. With your generous support and goodwill for charity, we will be able to:

*Produce major productions that investigate the possibilities of innovation, deep collaboration and exchange between culturally diverse artists, as well as creating Australian-Asian theatrical experiences that blends together different theatre forms, stories and technologies. 

*Help culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds emerging artists who attend our activities to develop their career, to gain involvement in the industry and to present their works to the community.

*Build the link between different cultural backgrounds who are eager to communicate with a wider range of insiders and establish the system for intercultural artistic, performing arts and theatrical works.

*Increase public participation in intercultural performing art development and conducting related activities such as workshops, seminars and interactions between and industrial insiders and audiences. The wider communities could gain knowledge, enjoy theatrical atmosphere and relaxing time through our workshops and solid content materials. They would get a chance to interact with the insiders from different cultural backgrounds, to absorb the information from different angle.

Join us as a volunteer

We are currently looking for more talents to join our major production, marketing and communicating team. It’ll be good opportunity for those who want to gain solid experience in arts making and marketing through the progress of our programs.

Each volunteer would get a certificate according to their contribution. We welcome applications from everyone who has interests and passion for performing arts productions, no matter your level of experience.

To express your Interest please send CV or a short introduction of yourself to: We’ll get back to you with more detailed information.

Thank you very much for your kindness!