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It’s time to say thank you to those who came to our last online workshop-Creating strong physical presence, it’s great to see so much energy and enthusiasm! Looking into 2021, we’ll continue providing cross-cultural theatrical presentation and communication for theatre lovers by organising relevant activities and facilitating a fresh dialogue between industrial insiders and wider communities. Please keep an eye on our web, FB, ins or twitter page, we are thrilled to invite you to enjoy the cross encounters journey and celebrate our playful cultural experiences!

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Cross Encounters Group

Thanks to the great audience interest, Cross Encounters is going to hold the second free physical theatre workshop&open rehearsal on the 28th this month! As the last online workshop before we enter 2021, our residential artist Noah will continue to introduce us to different movements exercise and techniques. Meantime you’ll see distinctive intercultural theatrical presentations and communications between Noah and local performers from the rehearsal process of our debut production-A Stone’s throw( This show has already been selected in the Melbourne Fringe hub live stream spots and will do a show season from November 25th to 28th this year.

Whether you’re a physical actor and wish to learn some tips about how to create strong physical presenceon stage, or you’re a theatre fan/enthusiast who’d like to see how local performers practise movement skillsand rehearse for a physical theatre piece under the guidance of a Chinese director, you are all welcome. We’ll  be open for Q&A as usual after the presentation for you to share your questions, reflections, and concerns. It’ll be a fresh dialogue between theatre insiders and the wider community. Come and join us, get out of your chair, and have a fun time!

About Noah:

Noah Wang is a director long active in physical theatre area in China and has toured domestically and internationally with his group before. His most recent award winning piece, QIANG YU and the later developed larger scale work SHEN YU, were presented at the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival 2017 and 2018. Noah is committed to innovation and experimental drama. His focus explores the training methods of French Jacques Lecoq and Chinese opera culture and martial arts as it relates to physical theatre and theatre drama.

About the cast who’s going to join the intercultural presentations in this workshop:

Jesse Donaldson

Jesse is currently finishing a Bachelor of theatre and performance at the University of New England. He gained solid student theatre experience though University productions Blackrock (Ricko), Love and Information and Spring Awakening (Headmaster). Later on he appeared in external productions including Some Explicit Polaroids (Victor) and Singing in the Rain (ensemble). Finally as a actor Jesse has appeared in two productions, Chicago (ensemble) and Spring Awakening the Musical (Georg Zirschnitz). Jesse has 8 years Martial arts training background, including Karate and Muay Thai Boxing.

Rosemary Ochtman

Rosemary holds a Bachelor of Theatre and Performance (2020), and the Peter Elkin Drama Prize in recognition of her achievements whilst training. As an actor Rosemary has been involved in a number of theatre productions alongside her actor training, including ‘Blackrock’ (Tiffany and Philomela), ‘Some Explicit Polaroids’ (Nadia), ‘Love and Information’ (Multiple Roles), and ‘Speaking in Tongues’ (Sonja). Rosemary started performing at the age of 4 when she begun her 12 years of dance training, during which she performed at numerous dance events until 2016.

The event will be held on Zoom and please check our facebook event 

page: further invitation links and password code.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom on Wed 6:30pm!