Uniting Cultures on Stage

Our hearts are brimming with pride as we recount our incredible journey at APAM – Australian Performing Arts Market. Cross Encounters, engaged by the Australian Council of the Arts, had the privilege of fostering collaboration amongst Chinese-Australian performing arts masters.
Moment captures: Daliangshan International Theatre Festival Director of Programmes, Jiangang Zhang; STAR Theatres Chengdu Artistic Director, Maotian Xia; Finucane & Smith Artistic Director, Moira Finucane; Daliangshan International Theatre Festival Executive Director, Ting Li; YINZI Theater Director, Yin Hu with our group.

Cross Encounters engaged by the Australian Council of the arts to help Chinese-Australian performing arts industry masters to collaborate at APAM

From left to right:Jiangang Zhang, Maotian Xia, Moira Finucane, Ting Li and Olivia Wang

Together, we’re sculpting a global tapestry of intercultural performing arts, strengthening the bonds between Australia and Asia.

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Let’s paint the world’s stage with unity and creativity!

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